If improperly managed by dental offices, dental amalgam waste can be released into the environment. Although most dental offices currently use some type of basic filtration system to reduce the amount of mercury solids passing into the sewer system, dental offices are the single largest source of mercury within some sewage treatment plants.

The MARS Bio-Med Super Traps are used to prevent debris from being sucked down the evacuation lines in a dental operatory. These screens fit into the suction system to catch tissue, dental materials, and any other objects that could possibly damage or clog the vacuum system. The MARS Bio-Med Super Traps remove 99.05% of all solids and sludge including prophy paste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your testing facility EPA accredited?

Yes, our testing facility is EPA accredited and resides in Ohio, USA.

In what countries do you provide services?

Canada and USA

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A consultation can be expected within 5 business days.